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This place has been around for a while now, but finally got to have a nose around the store for the first time on saturday, and it didnt disapoint.. quality little shop with some nice brands and even nicer staff, none of your hoxton/shoreditch ‘im middle class and trendy cocksucker and you shouldnt be in my shop’ attitude here.. straight up niceness.. and with a little bit of luck soon to be stocking strictlykings ( please dont jinx me now ive said that!!) go check them out if your in the neighbourhood… nice folks with nice clothes. check the links on the right for their web presence.




two big nights coming up next weekend, firstly on friday 5oct. at the social, little portland st. (london), Breakin’ bread present two hip hop legends! cold crush brothers prince whipper whip and the number one puerto rican DJ in the human race, guaranteed to put a smile upon your face, DJ Charlie Chase!.. free entry as always at the social, get in early to avoid the inevitable (forgive the pun) crush!!..

then on the 6th, a whole day later, we have all the way from tokyo, japn, the ‘king of diggin’, DJ Muro, playing the theo parish night at plastic people, sadly kids will get stung for £10 for this late night affair, but anyone with an interest in diggin’ wont want to miss the very first uk show by muro.. dont sleep on these kids..



ignore the rflat colour pic above .. its just a temp banner till i can get something better up..



what up fools!.. as youve probably noticed the old strictlykings website that served us so well for many years is no more.. to save a little cash, and cos i wanted a bit of a change, ive moved things up onto here, to the official strictlykings blog/website.. where you’ll be able to find out all the latest things regarding strictlykings, as well as purchase those lovely tees.. with the added bonus of reading my random ramblings etc.. so everyones a winner.. feel free to leave your comments etc, but keep ’em clean..

peace yo!



Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

New EP by Mr Fresh on superdeluxe records. 'Grandism'

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