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DJ Q-Bert – Scratchlopedia Breaktanica DVD

king of the cut, Q-Bert releases another DVD for all you scratch kids to cream over.. this one, with the usual inventive title courtesy of Q, allows into Q’s secret scratch world.. a;; those cuts you always wondered ‘how does he do that?!’.. well this DVd will lift the lid, with tutorials and visuals of everysingle scratch you can think of, and no doubt some you cant think of!.. anyone wanting to progress their cutting to the next level should definately check this out.. see the trailer below to see what i mean..



Anyone who was in attendance would have witnessed a quality live show from the lighheaded affiliates.. ohmega watts, braille and theory hazit. dope show from three quality emcees..

have to say that braille really stood out, dope rhymes and a wild man on stage!.. props to all three, fingers crossed these guys grace us with more uk shows in the future.


Main Ingredient Radio Show w/DJ Cro

Birminghams DJ Cro hits us with another fine show this week, featuring interviews and chit chat with notts champions stylee cee and cappo.. aswell as the usual top quality hip hop cuts.

check out the main ingredient blogspot for more info and downloads of the show:

peace out to DJ cro..


check out this sparky little mofo.. music is pretty fresh too!.. sound slike big L. take a look and listen


Just a quick heads up for any norf lonodon mofo’s, strictlykings is now being stocked by tuesday skates, up in camden NW1, pretty much directly opposite camden road silverlink station. anybody in the area should definately pop in to see the guys in there. a skater owned and run shop, tuesday not only boasts some seriously ill decks, but has in stock some real nice clothing bits too, with strictlykings now added to that list.. see our ‘friends and family’ for links..




This exhibition has actually been running for a while now, starting on the 13th sept, and finishing on the 2nd november (so still plenty of time!), and features original photography from back in the day, showing the timeline of hip hop. there seems to have been a thousand exhibitions like these over the last few years but i never tire of going to them, the history behind hip hop just fascinates me, and makes me proud to be a part it.. if you get the time, go check it out..



this webpage is still currently in the process of being updated, as and when i can.. online store should be up and running by the weekend hopefully, and we’ll hopefully have added a bit more colour and style to the page.. keep checking back.


Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

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