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Music De Beauvoir – Wednesday 5th December

wednesday the 5th of december see’s the return to brick lanes cafe 1001 of the musical lovechild that is ‘music de beauvoir’. MDB being fathered by DJ/Producers Precise and Olson of vinyl dialect fame (bad magic/wall of sound). expect dopeness.. providided by both the boys on turntable duties alonside the 10 piece live funk band. anyone in the area should definately stop by to check this out, believe me you do not want to miss it.. apparently olson got acosted by a crack whore last time out so theres comedy potential there too! see the flyer for extra info

peace out to precise and olson



PYMCA Gallery – 41 Clerkenwell RD.

The people that bought us the recent wildstyles exhibition come back with the opening of their new onsite shop (just in time for xmas!), located at the gallery, 41 clerkenwell Rd and featuring linited prints posters and various other fashionista from a wide range of up and coming and current british artists and photographers. Hip hop kids should also pay attention to the fact they are selling signed LL cool J and RUN DMC Clothing and memorobilia.. plus a variety of other hip hop related clothing.. LL Cool J troop clothing?!.. come on, you cant sleep on this kinda thing!peace out to lucy

Speech Defect

just wanted to post another vid.. this time from sweden’s ‘speech defect’ crew.. seen these guys live a few years back and they were dope!.. check out their latest video, the track taken from their latest album, which on this evidence is well worth purchasing.. look and listen for yourselves.

DONUTS – Bristol

Just been informed of a new shop thats opened up in bristol, called donuts, see their web presence here:-

looks like another dope little store to add the bristol contingent, and after so many record and clothes shops closing in briz its nice to see a bit of a comeback!..  ill be sure to check it out next time im in town..

peace out to ‘dont sleep’ dai for the heads up!

An insight into dope beats!

i lifted this youtube clip from DJ Cro’s main ingredient radio show blog. be patient cos the beat is dope!.. in this clip, beatmaker damu the fudgemonk (yep.. thats his name) gets down on his MPC.. being an mpc user myself, i just love seeing this shit in action!.. new 12″ about to drop by all accounts by the ‘Y society’, which is fudgemonk and insight.. dont sleep now..

Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

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