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Ultimate Breaks Mix

The supremely talented DJ Superix serves up two CDs cutting his way through every single break found on the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series. It’s not just a straight mix though, he intersperses vocals from rap records that have used the samples, it’s brilliantly executed. This has to be the most definitive mix of it’s kind. Download a sample HERE then buy it HERE.

peace out to drew huge and fatlace mag for the heads up!


Mosebacke Reocrds, Stockholm

Now its taken me a little while to get round to writing this up, but with plenty going on at strictlykings these days it had to take a back seat for a while.. but at last ive found a little time and can share with you the delight that is mosebacke. Any beat digger or record collector that has been to stockholm will probably have been to mosebacke already, and for any that didnt, your probably gonna kick yourself!.. like most places i visit, and like the nerd that i guess i am, i always make a point of locating the record spots or trainer shops or any other point of general hip hop affiliated interest.. so as is the norm, i was strolling around stockholm, with my long suffering girlfriend, and with a list of record shops and addresses.. it has to be said most of the stores i found werent anything special, at least no more special than stores in England and the UK.. and i guess it was quite fitting that i should stumble across mosebacke last, as it was certainly a case of saving the best till last!.. located up a side road off one of the main walking streets (the name of the area escapes me!), Mosebacke on first appearance looks just like any of the other small local shops in the vicinity.. you walk in and all you see is CD’s.. everywhere.. and maybe the occasional box of vinyl.. now when i went into mosebacke i had no idea of what to expect, i hadnt heard any glowing reviews of the place or anything, just that it was a record shop.. so i was kinda disapointed, although not entirely surprised, when the only vinyl i could see was in one of two record boxes.. regardless i had a thumb through, most, if not all of it being old swedish rock music.. it was only when i was about to walk out and curse whoever it was that mentioned moseback to me as a shop worth checking, that the guy in the shop called out to me to tell me ‘theres more vinyl out in the back’.. so not really expecting much more i strolled through the tiny door to the ‘back’ to be greeted by the heavenly site of vinyl!.. not just a little vinyl, but shit loads of vinyl.. from floor to ceilling, wall to wall.. in boxes, racks and pilled up on the floor..

it was at this point that i suggested my girlfriend go take a quick look round the shops!.. as i fully intended to spend as much time in there as possible.. (do i know how to treat the girls or what?!) Mosebacke really is a diggers dream with every conceivable genre of music to listen to, from rock to hip hop to folk to disco, aswell as plenty of swedish records (naturally) which youd imagine to be quite an untapped resource if, like me, your looking for samples.. luckily for me there happened to be a particularly knowledgable person working at mosebacke who pulled out plenty of real nice records for me.. this nice and knowledgable person turned out to be an emcee/producer and former member of one of the uk dopest crews, (ill spare him by not naming him directly!) which was ideal.. no language barrier and super knowledge when it comes to samples and breaks!..

sadly for me i discovered mosebacke a few hours before it shut on a saturday evening, so didnt get the chance to really delve into the record boxes.. but thanks to my boy andre i manged to pick up a few nice bits that will be working there way through my MPC in the near future!.. so if you get the chance to visit stockholm, make sure you set aside one day at least to spend in mosebacke, you really wont regret it, and with the records at pretty reasonable prices you cant go far wrong (no album over a tenner). i fully intend on heading back there at some point in the future to have a proper dig, and, maybe, to try and find out the name of that japanesse bee gees cover Album!!.. peace out to andre at mosebacke and a big thanks for helping out with the potential samples!

Extra P, Large Pro or The Large Professor..

call him what you want by the man is in london in september to launch his new album.. courtesy of the boys from doctors orders!.. check the spiel from their website below.. a night any self respecting hip hop kid will want to attend.. and for any new kiddies who arent up on the large professor, heres the perfect oppotunity to school yourselves

“When it comes to favourite producers Large Professor will feature near the top of any self respecting Hip-Hop head’s list. Having cut his teeth programming beats for Eric B & Rakim while still in school he went on to discover a young mc named Nasty Nas who’s first ever recorded appearance was on Main Source’s “Live At The Barbeque”. As one third of Main Source Large Professor produced their legendary “Breaking Atoms” which included the classic “Looking At The Front Door” which always causes a stir on The Doctor’s Orders dance-floor. Having parted ways with the other members of Main Source he went on to an notable solo career of his own as well as producing for any MC worth their salt including Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip & Big Daddy Kane. When not locked in the lab or trading tips with fellow production legend DJ Premier Large Pro’ keeps busy by rocking clubs around the world with his exciting sets of any kind of Hip-Hop & Soul that he feels will rock the crowd!..”


Sabotaz Paint Supplies

just want to give a quick shout for anyone interested in the wonderful world of graffiti, ill let you into a little secret.. we love it.. so if you feel the same and wanna check out some nice new paint, try some of the sabotaz range currently being stocked and distributed nationwide by the boys over at playground legend.. check out our friends for links to their website.. tell them strictlykings sent you!..

peace out to ranj and the guys at PL

Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

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