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Puma mid x Undefeated

American West Coast retailer and designer Undefeated, and PUMA, have combined to add their own indominatble style to the classic PUMA Mid trainer. Perforated nubuck has been brought to life with a nice looking gold Undefeated logo sitting below the big cat, and in case you missed that dilly, the shoes are also branded with a double-sided dogtag and a subtly effective studded-collar logo. Nice. But hold the phone, theres more – two dozen pairs of a golden leather 24K model (not shown) will be available at the Tokyo and La Brea store, with another 24 split between the other three UNDFTD locations. bit of a shit being in the UK then really!..
In the meantime, the colours below will be hitting shelves in all the Undefeated locations on Saturday, February 7th as well as a few selected retailers throughout the US.. look slike its gonna have to be an ebay jobbie for us mofo’s..

real nice shoes though..



Well, not really a movie, more a documentry.. but looks dope nonetheless!.. from the look trailer (below) its BDK travelling around the brooklyn area retelling tales and giving his take on his hip hop life.. im sold already..

be interesting to see if/when this see’s the light of day, fingers crossed it will be soon.. undoubtedly one of the dopest ever to grab a mic..


Found this little Video clip on the myspace page of dope french morrocan emcee, Specko.. now sadly my knowledge of the french language is pretty limited.. so dont understand a word he’s saying (note to self, learn some french).. but as KRS-ONE said ‘a dope emcee is a dope emcee’.. hip hop transcends the language barrier.. a lovely beat also, which specko flows over effortlessly..

see for yourself, check out the vid below (click the link)

and check for more on Specko via his myspace page here

City of God’s Son – By Kenzo Hakuta

“filmmaker Kenzo Hakuta reveals his latest production entitled City of God’s Son featuring Nas, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, Delroy Lindo, Ghostface, Raekwon, Samuel L. Jackson, and Laurence Fishburne.

The project is a soundscape into the world of the iconic gangster. Utilizing multiple mediums including 3D audio, original music production, sound design, and dialogue samples Hakuta draws the listener into a mythical world exploring the relationship between a father and son and the struggle to define themselves in this world. More information about this extraordinary release can be found at the official City of God’s Son website

Although hip hop has never been about gangsterism, and has always tried to combat negativity, the inclusion of ghostface, nas and biggie in the musical line up makes for what should be a pretty impressive soundtrack..

the website also has a free download of the music.. so go check it out..

SICKBOY – Gold prints

Bristol graff legend, and strictlykings favorite sickboy, has just released some more limited edition madness.. click the link below to check out the latest ‘temple print’.. but not content with the usual prints, sickboy has also graced us with some uber limited ‘GOLD’ prints.. guaranteed dopeness.. peace out to sickboy.

Witness the Sickness


this month see’s a return to our shores for the mighty threesome from long beach.. Dizzy, Andy C and young einstein, collectively known as UGLY DUCKLING!.. i for one will be in attendance at londons scala on the 22nd for what will no doubt be the usual funky dopeness!.. i can honestly say that everytime ive seen UD the show has been dope!.. Sure, theyre not everyones cup of char, but they rock a crowd rocking like few can these days.. if you havent seen them live, then you need to..

hit up the UD website for more details.

new album also about to drop.. check the youtube vid for a sample of what to expect..

Something old, Something new..

just a few youtube vids i found the other day.. was flicking through some records at home and stumbled across these two classics… Audio two’s ‘i got the papers’ and black moon’s ‘who got da props?’.. (the old), and while on youtube i found another recent vid by the ever impressive Damu (the fudgemunk).. (the new)..

Audio two – ‘i got the papers’

Black moon – ‘who got da props?’

Damu the fudgemunk – live in madison sq.

Damu the fudgemunk – OC Remix – ‘who run it?’

Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

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