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doublegoose on ebay!

these are few and far between.. so thought it worth posting a link.. seeing as my double goose post still ranks as one of the most viewed.. if youve got the cash.. dont sleep on this!..

[ the ebay item has long ended. but anyone interested in buying a doublegoose can hit me up at peace. mike ]


Strictlykings in Chrome&Black..

New london graffiti supply store chrome and black are now stocking some strictlykings tees.. anybody who hasnt been to the new shop should definately take a trip down to check out whats on offer, with tees, paint, pens, books, its all there..

the basement is also occupied by the rarekind gallery.. so plenty more paint on walls in the downstairs area.. ask for strictlykings by name when you go in.

spread the word.

49 Bethnal green road
London E1 6LA

chrome and black blog

Rising like a phoenix..

from the ashes.. no sooner had we started to shed a tear at the demise of the legendary UK hip hop magazine that was ‘Hip Hop Connection’, we can now wipe away those tears and replace them with a broad smile.. as if by magic, HHC has returned, albeit in the form of a digital version..

HHC launches its first digital issue on April 15th – check it at

Issue 001 includes:
Willie Isz
Charles Hamiton
Dante Ross
Speech Debelle
Lil Wayne
The Cool Kids’ jeans
Delegates Of Culture
Mr Lif
Toddla T
Plus all the usual album reviews, columns, and irreverent shenanigans

now if the sigh of relief has ended.. go check out the link. peace to Adam A.
hhc digital

True Hip-Hop Stories.

found these dope video interviews courtesy of ‘dont sleep’ dai down in bristol.. some great interviews with various hip hop icons, courtesy of former BDP member, and current director and cinematographer, D-Nice.. first up is sadat-x, talking on the making of ‘punks jump up’ and his time spent in prison on rikers island, and also his views on the current state of hip hop in the US.. incidently sadat can be seen live with Diamond D at londons jazz cafe in the next couple of months..

More Hip-Hop Stories to be posted up .. just hav eto watch them first!.. props to Sadat-x and D-Nice..

Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

New EP by Mr Fresh on superdeluxe records. 'Grandism'

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What we’re listening to..

1. Rock Creek Park LP - Odisee

2. C'mon wit dat git down - Artifacts

3. Chief Rocka - Lords of the underground

4. Daddy can swear - Gladys Knight

5. Kill or be Killed - Roughneck soldiers


By mrfresh

Dont Sleep - Bristol