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Strictlykings SALE!!!

After a stock take at the weekend its become apparent that we badly need space for new stock.. so its SALE time!.. have been meaning to do this for some time without actually getting round to it, so now is the perfect time.. all tees in this post for £5 each (plus £1 shipping in the uk, email for international rates).. now thats a sale!.. simply email us at with which tee you want, and which colour, and we’ll arrange the usual paypal payment..

Naturally there are limited numbers of each, so dont sleep now..

‘you know i got sole’ black – large and Xlarge available

‘you know i got sole’ white – large and Xlarge available

‘strictlykings – originate’ royal blue – Xlarge only

‘Get Bizzy’ black – Xlarge only

‘Country boyeees’ black – Xlarge only

‘Country boyeees’ royal blue – Xlarge only

‘Badass Bambaata’ white (with brown print) – Xlarge only

‘Kings wings’ Athletic grey – Large and Xlarge

‘Fly fresh dope’ white (GIRLS tanktop) – one size fits all

thats it folks.. help clear the decks at a bargain price.. all purchases receive free stickers and associated mix CDs!!..
so dont forget, email with your orders and requirements.

strictlykings fam


Sucker MC’s..

While readying myself for work this morning i had the misfortune to swicth on MTV base.. now it may have been that i got out of the bed on the wrong side this morning, but what i saw just vexed me more than usual.. “the ‘braap’ pack top 10 old school classics” was beginning what will sure to be its constant rotaion.. the ‘braap’ pack were three grime/garage rappers who for obvious reasons had been asked to name their ten favorite hip hop videos.. naturally when selecting hip hop videos you ask someone with no history or knowledge of hip hop to do such a thing for you.. not only that, but you get three artists from a completely different music genre to do so!.. this is MTV, and most other so called musical media outlets in this day and age.. long gone are the days where MTV would champion an underground star ahead of the mainstream commercial junk that was currently major airplay on the nations TV and radio shows.. not anymore.. so for those three suckers that soured my breakfast, and all the suckers at MTV who continue to try to convince children that something is what it clearly isnt… here are some real hip hop classics..

UK Bboy chamionships

Attached are some images taken at the Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships last week, where 20 year-old Roxy Milliner (aka B-Girl Roxy) set a new Guinness World Record with an astonishing 71 head spins in 1 minute by a female bgirl.
The event, hosted by legendary bboy veteran Crazy Legs, was won by US crew, Skill Methodz, after 8 rounds of gruelling, high-energy bboy battles. UK representation came in the shape of the soul mavericks..

peep the pics below of bgirl roxy and eventual winners skillz methodz..

and check out the strictlykings facebook page for video footage of the bboy championships..

Bgirl Roxy breaking records!

Top 9 Crew (Russia)

Top 9 Crew (Russia)

Skillz Methodz Crew (USA)

Skillz Methodz Crew (USA)

Skillz Methodz Crew (USA)

Doublegoose pop up store..

Anyone whose read this blog on the regular will know of our love for the doublegoose jackets.. (i own one myself, and love it dearly!).. so always wanting to keep people in the loop with the niceness, and always wanting to represent for toto and the doublegoose boys.. here are some shots from the New York pop up store currently in operation in the big apple.. judging from the photos the natives are responding in the correct manor..

Doublegoose pop-up store in effect

Classic doublegoose leather-V

Cold lampin’ – New York City

Doublegoose family represent

Strictlykings @ Brick City Boutique, Elbow rooms (Islington)

Just a quick heads up for anyone in the London area this sunday 18th October.. we’ll be running a stall at the increasingly popular ‘Brick City Boutique’ at the Elbow rooms bar in Islington, North London. ‘Brick City’ is basically a coming together of various retailers with an ear to the ground and an eye on the street.. supported by live hip hop from a variety of artists.. so if your in the vicinity, pop down, say hello and check out some of the niceness on show.

Brick City Boutique.
Elbow rooms bar
chapel market, Islington
London N1

Dont sleep now..

Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

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