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Since the 2002 release of ‘Pubs, Drunks and Hip Hop’ Diversion Tactics have
been making their mark on worldwide hip hop collaborating, producing and
deejaying with heroes and young guns throughout the music scene. Witnessing
the rise and inevitable fall of the ‘next big things’ , has cemented their
approach to making music and celebrating hip hop culture through hard beats,
skillful rhymes and razor sharp cuts.

Building a reputation for quality the distinctive sound of Boot Records
mixes tough drums with honest spoken word. Diversion Tactics are not afraid
to upset the cart, stamp all over the fruit and ask…”how d’ya like them

‘Careful On The Way Up’ reflects the maturity, yet still cynical and
rebellious energy, of the crew. Chubby handles rhyme duty, and still has
booze soaked stories to tell ­ albeit now laced with a dash of melancholy.
Jazz T and Zygote cause the neck to snap even harder, kick the drums along
more aggressively and slap your face with the snares.

To reflect the breadth of influence the mighty Blade is dragged fighting and
kicking back out of retirement and on to ‘Three Card Brag’ also starring D.
Gritty, Squeaky goes toe to toe with Tim Dog and Percee P on the remix of
‘NY To The UK’, New York DT representative J-Zone returns to produce an
immediate classic ‘Back To School’, Beyond There’s Tommy Koi and The Last
Skeptik bring more UK flavour to the beats and absolute legends of hip hop
Pogo and Biznizz pull out the wax and cut it to shreds on ‘The

We’ve all been waiting a long, long time for this one.


Diversion Tactics – Where I’m From [clean]
Produced by The Last Skeptik

should be a good listen.. dont sleep now.. support the homegrown!


Souls of mischief.. live in london PT.2

yep, we went down and queued in the cold.. and it was well worth it.. souls took the hastily arranged stage at a point when my limbs were giving up!.. having been stood in the queue for way too long, and then having to stand in the uber hot and (naturally) rammed carhartt store.. playing a 15-20 min set of of their new prince paul produced album, and finishing with the expected rendition of ’93 till infinity’.. which of course, was dope..

special mention to hosts mystro and mr.thing, who kept things rolling nicely..

props to everyone involved in bringing this little jam together.. it certainly was appreciated by the people in attanedance!

a few pics from the queue and inside the carhartt store:

The english, we love to queue!.

The carhartt store filling up.

This is how we chill…

from 93 till…

(apologies for the camera phone photo’s and the shaky hand!..)

Souls of mischief.. live in london

Launching the new promo campaign for their Prince Paul produced album Montezuma’s Revenge, Souls of Mischief interrupt their current European tour for one day in the UK only.

On Monday 9th November (today!) you can catch them at the Carharrt store on Earlham Street in London. Support comes from Mystro, Mr Thing, Charlie Sloth and Skandal. It’s an early show (it starts at 7pm) and it’s free entry, so get there in plenty of time!

Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

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