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found these browsing the web earlier.. i know a lot of people arent into this kind of thing, but ANYTHING creative to do with trainers, i just love!.. the kind of thing id probably try and persuade my girl to buy herself!.. check them out..


PYREX VISION _ Raekwon the chef.

90 second or so track from raekwon, pyrex vision, off the ‘Only built for cuban linx 2’ album.. short and sweet but arguably one of the top tracks on the LP. Directed by G visuals, the video conveys a contrast of money, drugs and naked women. happy days!.. peace

(Anyone recognise the sample used?.. check OC’s ‘Jewelz’ below for a comparison)


A couple of seriously ill colour ways on the terminator here.. black ALWAYS looks dope!.. loving the multi coloured heels. Its a shame theyre japan only shoes though.. would love either pair to adorn my feet this coming year!.. maybe ill have to have a word with the missus.. belated christmas present maybe?!..

Enjoy the press release spiel below.

The latest rival pack from Nike Japan comes in the form of a Terminator Premium High set, offered in toned down black colorways with a wealth of intricate details. The shoes pair up Ueno vs Harajuku, both well known places in Japan for their cultural influences and massive shopping experiences. A launch for both designs is set for December 23rd, 2009 via mita Sneakers with retail set at ¥18,900


Fresh on the heels (no pun intended) of the recent release of the green/grey and the black/blue nike x patta AM87’s, comes this little jem.. in all black, with a slight dab of green, and topped off with a lovely looking gum sole. Thankfully nike have held back in ruining this classic trainer as they did the AF1 and, to a degree, the Dunk. so praise be that the important people at nike realise these kind of hook-ups just make the shoes look even more dope! Enjoy

official spiel from the press release:

Patta are concluding 2009 with a bang as they look to drop the following Nike Sportswear Air Max 1 TZ. The Tier Zero release features a hard-wearing woven canvas with ballistic nylon beneath. The shoe’s details also feature coated metal eyelets, a gum outsole and Patta logos. The Patta x Nike Sportswear Air Max 1 TZ will release at Patta’s new Precinct 5 spot on December 18th at 12:00 pm.


Had loads of response of late about the posts on here about doublegoose and their seriously dope jackets.. and inparticular a post i made a while back about a jacket that was for sale on ebay!.. well the jacket itself was infact mine.. and im still looking to sell the jacket (which hasnt been worn i should add).. reason for selling is purely down to the fact it is a little too big for me.. so anyone interested in making an offer for a seriously ill piece of clothing, or who wants to find out a little bit more about the jacket.. fee free to drop me an email at and we can talk biz..

peace yo!


Two of our favorite brands (behind strictlykings of course!) are streetwear label Carhartt, and Krink, makers of the dopest markers around, so imagine my joy to discover the now customary cross brand hook-up for a run of limited edition tshirts, prints and markers between the two names. Three different items feature KRINK’s own iconic touches which include a t-shirt, print and three exclusive markers. Each piece is in limited quantities including only 220 runs of the print, 120 pieces of the t-shirt and 250 sets of the markers. Among select retailers across the world, the carhartt Tokyo store will see the release of these items.


Japanese brand MACKDADDY and UBIQ hook-up on UBIQ’s flagship model the EL. The slip-on double ring-inspired sneaker comes in two colorways which are exclusive to the ZOZOTOWN retailers of FLAUGE and EPROZE. Set for a release next year, the shoes include a brown/stripe version for FLAUGE and a gray/stripe version for EPROZE. I dont know why but i feel wrong for really liking these.. and IF i had the spare cash would definately splash out on a pair.. or maybe both.. both pairs seriously ill in my opinion.

Available for pre-order now through ZOZOTOWN.

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