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Bill London Exhibition – Eastpak store, Carnaby street, London

Thursday 30th September see’s the opening night of the latest exhibition by UK artist Bill London at the Eastpak gallery on London’s famous Carnaby Street.

Arguably one of the UK’s most skilled graffiti artists with a career spanning thirteen years, Bill London has consistently raised the bar for London Graffiti. His graffiti crew “Represent” are the current European champions of Write 4 Gold, an international graffiti art competition.

An eclectic mix of architectural line, bold colour, traditional tattoo and oriental art influences Bill’s work. Bill applies the cloak and dagger elements of purist graffiti ‘Wild Style’ (camouflaged lettering and words through intricate manipulation) with delicate aesthetic elements and layering to create hypnotic final pieces, which can be appreciated on infinite levels. More recent work is driven by the “everyday” of London life.

Bill London has previously exhibited at, Rarekind Brighton, Rarekind London, Saatchi & Saatchi Head office exhibition, Schoeni Gallery- Hong Kong, Mutate Britain and Size- Carnaby Street

“I am excited to be given the opportunity to exhibit at Eastpak as they are a brand thats reputation is highly thought of and is very popular within London’s urban art scene”

The Exhibition starts on Thursday 30th Sepetmber. don’t sleep on this.
Find out more on Bill London by clicking here.


The Fat Cap Chair

Earlier this year, industrial designer Sander van Heukelom presented two conceptual pieces inspired by graffiti culture. Originally created as part of an exhibition, the Fat Cap design will now make its way into a commercial release. This video documents the process from sketch to finish for the chairs which will be available this fall through

see attached pics also

Phone a friend?..

Every one of us with a liking for music will have at some stage owned a pair of headphones.. whether they be back in the day of the original walkman, or the slick little white kind that plug into your iphone or mp3 player. personally I’ve always preferred the larger closed-cup style of headphones, whether that be due to my roots in DJing or just because i need a big pair to fit around my rather large head!.. who knows.. each to their own i guess, with regards to tastes in headphones, but i think you’ll all agree this new style, courtesy of Nixon, and entitled the ‘Nomadic’ , is seriously nice.. a classic looking design with some real nice little touches.. and its all about the little touches! retailing at around $120 (or £77.00 for us English folk) and available online via Nixon

Mr Fresh – Grandism EP available @ Suspect-packages

‘Grandism’, Mr Fresh sophmore release on the superdeluxe label, is now available to buy on CD from the UKs finest and long established home of hip hop, suspect packages.

anyone interested in picking up the EP on CD for the princely sum of £3.97 can do so by clicking here

dont sleep now. only a limited number available. you have to be in it to win it yo!.

Grandism can also be picked up on download by clicking on or by visiting Itunes, amazon or any number of good, and bad, MP3 retailers.

peace out to disorda.

La Melodia – Electronic Love LP

New LP courtesy of Dutch hip hop Duo ‘La Melodia’. I found these guys while browsing through some photos of the recent Hip Hop Kemp festival in Prague, and felt moved to check out their music. And im glad i did, Electronic love is a solid slice of woozy electro hip hop and will no doubt appeal to a whole host of music fans. peep the official spiel from their music page on bandcamp:

This is La Melodia`s new album Electronic Love, which presents 7 tracks with Melodee on the vocals, and INT on the beats. La Melodia is all about creating a vibe, Electronic Love is raw, sexy hiphop on a flirting spree.

and click here to check out those dark soothing beats, courtesy of INT, and the raw booming raps of the lovely Melodee

Public Enemy – Say it like it really is.

One of Hip-Hop’s most beloved groups of all-time returns with a new video to accompany their latest single “Say It Like It Really Is,” as part of their upcoming box set release. The set will include 3 CDs full of tracks from critically acclaimed albums, DVDs that include performances, videos, and documentaries, as well as a limited edition t-shirt and photo book. It will become available on October 15th through Total Box Music. At a time where we have the worlds media giving airtime to a moronic pastor from Florida to air his misguided and ill informed views, the re-appearance of arguably music’s most outspoken and thought provoking group is a timely reminder of what we are missing in hip hop and the music and entertainment world in general. People that are passionate and prepared to ask questions and challenge peoples perceptions on what they are told. Fight the power yo!

the new single ‘say it like it really is’ can be downloaded by clicking here

Street tease x Reebok birthday tee

To celebrate its second birthday, Paris based webzine Street Tease teamed up with Reebok for a 2nd anniversary tee. Unfortunately this precious item will only be distributed during the Street Tease Party @ Nouveau Casino, Paris on friday the 3rd of September. So im afraid its a look but cant have kinda scenario.. i think you’ll all agree it does look good!.. check out street tease online by clicking here

Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

New EP by Mr Fresh on superdeluxe records. 'Grandism'

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