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Supreme Leather Down Jackets.

Any regular reader of this blog, and there are a few f you i know, will know all about our love of the Doublegoose Jackets (V-Bomber being my personal preference!), but while browsing the wonders of the web (via the excellent black rainbow online mag i found a post about a range of leather down jackets by Supreme. And they look dope!.. not quite as special as the Doublegoose, but dope all the same.

i couldnt find out a price for the jackets (i didnt actually look that hard!), but seeing as they are Supreme they’ll no doubt be stupidly priced.. still, we can look them up and down and admire them!.. check the pics.


La Melodia – ‘Give it up’ video

Check out the new video from Dutch hip hoppers La Melodia. Melodee and INT bringing the electronic love.

Here at strictlykings we’ve been long time fans and have championed these guys at every oppotunity. dont sleep now, head over to and pick up this dope LP.

Bill London – Natural Ingredients Exhibition

Well im pleased to say you heard it here first, well, at least way before some of the so-called ‘big’ style blogs. The Natural Ingredients Exhibition by Bill London at the Eastpak store on London’s Carnaby street kicked off last week with the exclusive private view. Below are some shots taken from one of those aforementioned ‘big’ style blogs! Sadly i didnt have my camera with me so couldnt oblige myself.. anyways check out the pics. some lovely work by Bill London and some prints available at very very reasonable prices. £25 for A3 prints and £35 for the A2 prints (A3 blue and white print shown, and A2 orange and white print shown). Dont sleep now.. get yourself down to Canaby street to check these out. If Carnaby street is too much of a stretch for you check out the lovely boys at rarekind for more info on purchases.

Eastpak Icon Store
No.1 Carnaby Street

Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

New EP by Mr Fresh on superdeluxe records. 'Grandism'

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