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Acapulco Gold 2011 Fall/Winter Collection

Woke up ths morning to find this in my inbox.. some real nice pieces from Acapulco Gold, from their Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

Simple, but nice..


As fall/winter is now in full swing, Acapulco Gold releases its second delivery of Fall/Winter 2011 product. Highlighted by their OG Baseball Jacket, alongside the Preppy Flannel Button Down, the drop welcomes a variety of other related causal looks. Additional flannels, crews, graphic tees, and other various items accompany the mix, as the entire lineup can be purchased now at the AG online store.



Moncler V puffers!

Found these while on my daily browse of the WWW.. some real nice puffer vests (body warmers to us English) in a vairity of colours. Sadly these vests retail at around £700.00!! which is obviously quite ridiculous.. but price aside, they certainly do look nice..

Our advice would be to head down to the local Army & Navy and pickup ine similar for much less!

Still, if your the kind of person who is happy (and fooloish enough) to spend that kind of money on a puffer vest, peep the images, then head over to the official Moncler website

Hall Of Fame 2011

Saw these on Hypebeast earlier today and thought they deserved a re-up on here.. from the 2011 collection from the LA based retailer ‘Hall OF Fame’. Particularly liking the ‘touching spuds’ t-shirt.. It might only be the UK based kids that get that reference though, so apologies!.. but check out the pics and be sure to go check out the Hall of Fame website too. enjoy.

Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

New EP by Mr Fresh on superdeluxe records. 'Grandism'

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