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Dephect Clothing Autumn/Winter 2011


Fresh for autumn/Winter 2011 comes the latest range from independent heavyweights Dephect, and being the lovely people that we are, we thought we’d pick out a nice selection from the range for all you even lovelier people out there to check out.

Not only have Dephect dropped another nice crop of tees, sweats and caps etc, they’ve also got a shiny new website (, which reflects their status and continued growth within the clothing market in the UK, Europe and around the world.

Here at strictlykings we can’t speak highly enough of the Dephect boys. These guys do things the right way, no bullshit, no over the top hype, just straight up dope styles for like minded people who appreciate the lifestyle and culture that has influenced us all.. the culture that is Hip Hop! .. And they do it all very well


Check out the selection below, the Tentacle design is particularly dope, designed by Austrian writer Nychos. All you graff heads need to check out this guy, if you don’t know?.. now you know!

For more info and for a look at the full range head over to for all the Autumn/Winter goodness. Peace!



Stussy – Make Beats



The Stussy ‘Make Beats’ Contest is about the fun of modern music making. Whether you’re a beat-maker, rapper, DJ or listener, this contest combines the creative aspect of making music with the fan’s point of view all tied together with some fresh tees and hats. The contest will be judged by Stussy, Low End Theory and Swedish synthesizer company, Teenage Engineering, who produced a new drum machine/synthesizer called the OP-1. In the music world today, it’s rare for a company to develop a piece of hardware, because most people use their computer to make beats. The OP-1 brings it back to the days of drum machines like the 808, when making beats meant banging them out on a machine. The Make Beats contest starts today and invites the public to upload their own original tracks (made on any machine/computer) via the Stussy ‘Make Beats Drop Box’  on Soundcloud.


Think i might have to dig out a few older beats for the comp.. unless i can get the studio up and running in a fortnight (unlikely).. Peep the associated tees and caps below, a must for any emcee/DJ/Producer combo.


Especially liking the ‘play records’ tee.. unlike many, i still play records!

Check out the brand new website, with an online store and much, much more.

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